Terms & conditions

Trading 10am - 4pm Tuesday - Saturday

Doors open 9.30am - 4.30am for Traders (from time to time special events may require different opening hours)

  • Rent will cover the cost of occupying the unit (stall or table), lighting and electricity, (with the exception of the Hair Pod, which will be required to pay for the electricity used via individual meter) and the use of the items specified on the stall description.  The Market Management reserve the right to make an extra charge for electricity if they feel a particular Trader is using a disproportionate amount of electricity.
  • No individual heaters or kettles will be used in the Indoor Market due to regulations and risk assessment.  Heating is now present in the Market Hall and preferential rates will be given to Traders using the Market Mug in the Coffee Break Cafe.

  • All goods on sale to be non hazardous, legal and not counterfeit.
  • Trading areas must be kept clean and tidy and rubbish removed at the end of each day - a condition of the insurance.
  • Traders are responsible for removing their own rubbish and disposing of it daily.
  • No goods or other obstacles to be placed in the pedestrian areas.
  • All goods to be sold and services provided to be agreed in advance with the Market Management.
  • Weekly stallholders who wish to secure their goods must provide their own padlock if they wish to lock the storage.
  • All insurances and liabilities concerning the Traders and their goods are to be covered by the Trader, they are not the responsibility of the Market Management.
  • No children or animals to accompany Traders during trading hours (exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Market Management).
  • Rent to be paid in cash in advance either on the first day of the trading week for weekly stalls or between 9.30 and 10am on the day for daily stalls.  Bank transfers are also acceptable.
  • Priority will be given, at the Market Management discretion, to Traders booking weekly slots and those that increase the range of products available in the market.